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There’s a mobile app for Android. We recommend using it. Download the app

Steps to connect without app


Make sure you have your login details. You can sing up via publicroam.nl. Do you already have a publicroam account? Then you’ll find your details in the text message or in the publicroam app.

Installing the certificate

Make sure you’re connected to the internet, by your phone or via a different wifi

Step 1

Download the certificate, as follows:

Go to following webpage on your Android phone

Click on download and after on open. Then close.

Step 2

Install the certificate as follows:

  1. Go to settings on your device
  2. Click on security
  3. Scroll down, click on advanced
  4. Click on encryption and data
  5. Click on install a certificate
  6. Click on Wifi-certificate
  7. Select the certificate of publicroam (pr-nl2.cer)
  8. Fill in as certificate name: publicroam
  9. Click on Ok
The certificate is now installed
Step 3

Make sure you’re near a WiFi network.  View locations

Go to settings

Step 4

Click on wifi settings

Step 5

Click on publicroam to connect

Step 6

Click on publicroam to connect (scroll down):

Security: EAP
EAP-method: PEAP
Verification phase 2: MSCHAPv2
CA-certificate: Do not validate / Not specified
Domain: publicroam.nl (if asked)
Identity: Username*
Password: Password*
Anonymous identity: leave empty

* your publicroam login details (see text message or app)

Step 7

Choose connect

You’re connected now.

Still not successful? Follow the steps again. Re-enter username and password and check for correctness. Or view our frequently asked questions (FAQ)