Log in with iPhone/iPad

There’s a mobile app for iPhone and iPad. We recommend using it. Download the app.

Steps to connect without app


Make sure you’re near a WiFi network.  View locations

Make sure you have your login details. You can sing up via publicroam.nl. Do you already have a publicroam account? Then you’ll find your details in the text message or in the publicroam app.

Step 1

Go to settings on your iPhone/iPad

Step 2

Choose wifi

Step 3

Click on publicroam to connect

Step 4

Log in with your username and password (see text message or the app)

Step 5

Choose ‘trust’ to accept the certificate.

It says ‘not trusted’ because your device doesn’t yet know this certificate. If you want to view the certificate, choose ‘show certificate’. It should read: publicroam.nl provided by Sectigo RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA.

You’re connected now.

Still not successful? Follow the steps again. Re-enter username and password and check for correctness. Or view our frequently asked questions (FAQ)