Login with Chromebook

Can’t connect your Chromebook after an update?
– Remove the publicroam WiFi network
– Restart your Chromebook
– Reconnect, follow the settings below

Steps to connect


Make sure you’re near a WiFi network.  View locations

Make sure you have your login details. You can sing up via publicroam.nl. Do you already have a publicroam account? Then you’ll find your details in the text message or in the publicroam app.

Step 1

Go to settings, right bottom on the home screen

Step 2

Choose wifi

Step 3

Click on publicroam to connect

Step 4

Click on publicroam to connect (scroll down):

Security: EAP
EAP-method: PEAP
Verification phase 2: MSCHAPv2
CA-certificate: Do not validate / Not specified
Domain suffix match (or ‘Domain’): publicroam.nl
(Subject match: leave empty)
(Subject alternative name match: leave empty)
Identity: Username*
Password: Password*
Anonymous identity: leave empty

* your publicroam login details (see text message or app)

Step 5

Choose connect

You’re connected now.

Still not successful? Follow the steps again. Re-enter username and password and check for correctness. Or view our frequently asked questions (FAQ)